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INVITE US TO YOUR CHURCH OR GROUP.  (We'll bring the laughs)

We offer readings of our feature length scripts to public groups to build our audience in 2 ways:

#1 Prayer & Share level.

To build our audience, if 20 people or more sign up to our email list for FREE we will host a reading and discussion of the first 2 acts of one of our screenplays for your group at your location. (approx. 60 pages or 1 hour)  The script reading session will be followed up with an interactive discussion of the content and filmmaking process.  


Want your group to know how the movie ends and invest in seeing the completed redemptive power of this story come to the screen?  Then have your group go to the Partner Level.


#2  Partner Level.

All 3 acts of the entire script can be read in approximately 1.5 hours (95 pages) with a recommended 45 minute interactive discussion with topics including the redemptive scenes of the film and why certain story endings were chosen for each character.  We give this experience to our partner individuals and organizations that help us raise $140/month in support of our work for a minimum of one year.  (For example 7 individuals could give $20/month for one year.)  Your organization can arrange this before we meet or we can upgrade to this level at the meeting if we get to the end of Act 2 and the group wants to continue.  A reading of our WHERE'S THE HALO? script is perfect with a minimum group size of 15 individuals.  There is no Maximum.




We always need volunteers, catering and craft services and technical and creative support for our film shoots as well as post-production and distribution assistance.  If you want to get involved, please connect with us here.




If God has given you the means to invest financially in changing lives through media please email us here.  We'd love to talk to you about the hope we have in Jesus-honoring comedy filmmaking in any area of your interest: shorts, episodic series, and feature length scripts.