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Like the stories in the Bible, our shorts are written to be honest about the obvious flaws seen in the church and in the world.  Hey, if you want to give honor to a real Hero, your stories need some fools.  Our short films are designed to go viral, to be sharable, and to reach outside the church.  Wanna have a fun conversation about religion with someone?  We do too and we need your help.


Did you know it costs approximately $10,000 or more to produce just 1 fully produced, high-quality, star-studded comedy short.  Where does all that money go?   Writing, rewriting, casting, location scouting, camera & lighting & sound equipment rentals, hiring funny actors, buying props, editing, visual FX, music & sound design, and titles.  We get a lot of services donated, but every dollar helps to show the love of Jesus to our often mixred cast and crew and and spread the love of Jesus through comedy.  We appreciate your support.